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Best African Designers for Ladies – You’ve been wearing English and other designers, so why not rock African designers today? It’s wonderful to try something new every now and then. This article will deliver the newest African designers to you.

Best African Designers for Ladies

About Best African Designers for Ladies

Urban design, architectural design, interior design, product design, art, and fashion design are just a few examples of the numerous kinds of expression that African design embraces. It also refers to design from the African continent and the African diaspora. The vast and varied nations of Africa are sources of vibrant design, with African design influences permeating both historical and modern art and culture worldwide.


Some of the Best African Designers for Ladies are Listed below:

  1. Christie Brown (CB) is a Ghanaian based luxury fashion brand founded in 2008 by Creative Director Aisha Ayensu. Named after Aisha’s grandmother, a Ghanaian seamstress with no label of her own, Christie Brown is inspired by the countless artisans and visionaries that have come up before it. From women selling colorfully printed and intricately woven fabrics in crowded market stalls, to seamstresses expertly cutting out patterns by freehand. For more info Visit:

2. Imane Ayissi dreamed of becoming a professional dancer and joining the National Ballet of Cameroon as she grew up in an artistic family. He made the decision to become a stylist because of his mother’s love in fashion. Along with designing his own line of costumes, he spent years clothing some of the best dancers and choreographers in the world. Imane then entered the world of modeling, working with well-known companies like YSL and Dior. This change gave him the motivation to concentrate on designing his African clothing for women. Imane’s clothing is distinctive because of the way he can create it from materials with such a wide range of textures and dimensions. For more info visit:

3. Priya Ahluwalia, the band’s founder, combined her Nigerian-Indian roots with the London garage music scene to establish Ahluwalia. Even though the brand is still young, it has already had a significant impact on the fashion industry. Priya received the renowned H&M Design Award while studying for her MA in menswear at The University of Westminster. In 2020, she was named one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 in the field of European arts and culture, and she also shared the LVMH Prize with seven other up-and-coming companies. Ahluwalia has gotten sponsorship from Gucci and is regarded as one of Matches Fashion’s innovators. For more visit:

4. Orange Culture: Modern African clothing by Orange Culture has an urban edge while maintaining a strong sense of tradition in each piece. Each collection by Adebayo seems to be influenced by distinctly different sources. Given how frequently and frequently in an unconventional way he experiments, it can be difficult to discern his inherent style at times. All of the materials are produced in Lagos and are ethically sourced, as sustainability is essential to the business. Orange Culture has won numerous awards, including the coveted LVMH prize, and is currently the first Nigerian brand to be carried at Selfridges. View his most recent line of African clothing here. For more info visit:

5. John Tchoudi: The creator of Sika’a, is a fashion designer with a lot of potential. African fashion has only been around for two years, but the Sika’a aim to create beautiful and imaginative handmade clothing is thriving. Originating from West Cameroon, the emphasis is on creating gorgeous high-end clothing from eco-friendly textiles. Sika’a is a leader in an industry that needs to transition to more ethical behavior. A great recipe for success is the enthusiasm and variety at the heart of the Sika’a ethos. A glance at the impressive portfolio is also quite motivating. In 2021, be prepared to hear the name Sika’a more often. Look at the most recent Sika’a collection. For more info Visit:

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