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China Student Visa | : Asian World an amazing center has drawn students from over the world for study and research; this post will provide information on China Study Visa requirements, including types, costs, required documentation, and the application process.

China Student Visa

China Student Visa Requirements

Every year, more foreigners enroll in Chinese institutions and schools. This is hardly surprising given China’s high educational levels and diverse student body. If you have not previously been accepted into a Chinese educational institution, you must apply for a student visa, also referred to as the X visa, in order to study there.


Types of China Student Visas

You can apply for one of two types of China student visas depending on how long your course of study will run. Student visas are under the X1 and X2 categories.

China Student Visa X1

An X1 visa is required for long-term students who want to attend school in China for more than six months. Students pursuing bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees often apply for the X1 visa because these programs last longer than 180 days. The X1 visa allows for unlimited travel across China and a maximum stay of five years.

China Student Visa X2

The X2 visa is available to short-term students who intend to study in China for a period of time shorter than six months. For any programs with a duration of fewer than 180 days, an application must be submitted. If you need to prolong your stay in China, you can also apply for an extension one month before your visa expires. But keep in mind that you must have a valid motive for wanting to stay longer.Student Visa X2 for China

China Student Visa Cost

The cost of a student visa for China is listed below. The fees differ from one country to another. If you want express or quick delivery, you’ll additionally need to pay an extra cost for expedited service.

Visa Fee in Chinese Yuan

  • Schengen Citizens           ¥433
  • The United States            ¥1,006.69
  • The United Kingdom      ¥860
  • Canada ¥558
  • Brazil     ¥1,015
  • Australia              ¥508
  • India      ¥341.58
  • Third world country        ¥238.41

Check Chineses Embassy in your Country

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Requirements for a China Student Visa

  • A valid passport: Your passport needs to be valid for up to six months from the date of your visa application.
  • A passport-sized photograph: A photo taken within the last six months and has a dimension of 48 mm x 33 mm.
  • A completed application form: You will need to complete the application form online; handwritten is unacceptable. Make sure you complete all the sections.
  • A formal admission letter: Once you have been accepted into a university in China, they will send you the admission letter. Make sure there is a university seal in the letter. In addition, the letter must be in both English and Chinese.
  • JW201 or JW202 form: The State Education Ministry of China issues the forms. The JW201 is for applicants with a scholarship funded by the Chinese government, whereas those who will personally fund their studies in China will complete the JW202 form.
  • An itinerary: Stating the dates of your arrival and departure. You must be honest with your departure dates because your visa will not be confirmed if you fail to convince the visa officers that you will return to your home country.
  • Details of your accommodation arrangements: Any document that proves where you will be staying is acceptable, such as a hotel reservation.
  • Medical examination record: A medical check is required for X1 visa applicants. If you cannot do it in your country, you must do it in China within 30 days of arrival.
  • Bank statements (for self-funded students).

China Student Visa Language Test

You are not required to take a language exam in order to apply for a China student visa. However, you must pass a language exam before starting the visa application and before you start attending classes. When you apply for admission to a Chinese university, the test is a requirement as proof. Both Chinese and English are options for the test certificate.

  • TOEFL Exam
  • IELTS Exam
  • PTE Academic Exam

How to Apply for a China Student Visa

Acceptance letter from a Chinese university: Select a Chinese university that admits foreign students, then submit an application there. When you are admitted to the university of your choice, you can move on to the next phase.

    Form JW201 or JW202: A JW201 or JW202 form as well as an acceptance letter will be sent to you by the Chinese university once you have been accepted. The JW202 form is for students who independently pay their studies, whereas the JW201 form is for applicants who get a scholarship.

    Obtain the necessary paperwork: When requesting a China student visa, you will additionally need to provide the JW201, JW202, and the acceptance letter. Under “What Are the Requirements for a China Student Visa?” is a list of the necessary paperwork.

    Apply at a Chinese Consulate, Chinese Embassy, or Chinese Visa Application Service Center. You must apply for a student visa at a Chinese visa application service center, Chinese embassy, or Chinese consulate, depending on your nation. You will present the necessary paperwork there, and some embassies even demand that applicants go through an interview. View the foreign embassies of China here.

    Application fee must be paid: Your nationality will determine the fees, and you could have to pay more if you want a quicker turnaround. The costs range from 238 to 1,006,

   A China student visa application typically takes four working days to process, however you can get your visa sooner if you choose to pay extra for expedited processing. Await a response.

    visiting China: You can visit China as soon as your visa is approved and you go pick it up.

    Examine your health: Only X1 visa applications are subject to the medical examination. If you finished in another nation and the document is translated into Chinese, you won’t have to go through the medical examination.

You must visit the Public Security Bureau (PSB) Exit and Entry Administration Office to submit an application for a temporary residency permit as soon as you arrive in China. Within 30 days of your arrival, you must apply. The temporary residence is valid for five years.

The X2 holders do not need to apply for a temporary residence permit because they will stay in China for the time period listed on their visa.

Duration for China Student Visa

Normally, it takes four (4) working days to process a student visa for China. The express service, which only takes 2 to 3 working days to process, or the rush option are also available if you require your visa immediately.

How Long Do I Wait for China Student Visa?

In addition to the X1 student visa, which has a duration of more than six (6) months, you can apply for a temporary resident permit, which allows you to stay in China for up to five (5) years.

You are allowed to stay for fewer than six (6) months if you have an X2 visa. You can request an extension if you want to extend your stay.

Can I Work in China With a Student Visa?

You are only permitted to work on or off campus for a total of 40 hours each month, or 8 hours per week. You must have insurance when taking part in work-study programs, and the schools must ensure this.

China Student Visa Application Date

At the moment, China only issues X1 visas. You must enrol in colleges where the length of your study is greater than 180 days before you can apply for an X1 visa.

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