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FTS Recruitment | Applications for the Federal Teacher Scheme Recruitment are now being accepted; participants are urged to submit entry. For more information, keep reading.

FTS Recruitment

The FTS Recruitment

The Federal Teacher Scheme (FTS) is a government initiative in Nigeria that seeks to fill teacher shortages in the nation’s elementary and secondary public institutions by hiring skilled educators. The initiative is a component of the government’s initiatives to raise educational standards and guarantee that all kids have access to top-notch teaching and learning opportunities.


The FTS main Features

  • Recruitment: The program normally seeks out recent graduates who are interested in teaching and who are young and qualified. To be qualified for the program, applicants must meet certain educational and professional requirements.
  • Duration:Typically a two-year program, FTS involves the placement of hired teachers in schools across different states in Nigeria. The objective is to increase instructional support in places where there is a dearth of competent teachers.
  • Stipend: As compensation for their participation in the Federal Teacher Scheme, government employees are given a monthly stipend or allowance. This allowance is meant to assist with living costs and encourage recent graduates to accept teaching jobs in underprivileged areas.
  • Training: To improve their teaching abilities and effectiveness in the classroom, teachers hired through the FTS program may have access to training and professional development opportunities.
  • Impact: By expanding the number of trained instructors available to teach in public schools, the initiative seeks to improve the quality of education in Nigeria, particularly in rural and underserved areas.
  • Regularization: Some FTS teachers may have the chance to be permanently engaged by the government as regular teachers after finishing their two-year service, depending on their performance during the program and the availability of teaching vacancies.

How to Apply for FTS Recruitment

The application is done via the Portal, keenly qualified person(s) can visit the Portal via Visit www.fts.admissions.cloud or https://ubec.gov.ng/federal-teachers-scheme-fts/

Federal Teacher Scheme Recruitment Development

You should often visit this Portal for updates as the most recent information on FTS Recruitment is posted here.

Avoid giving anything in exchange for a job offer; cautious of scams. Offer is based only on merit.

I wish you Success on your FTS Recruitment application, please if you find this material resourceful do share it with friends and family.

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