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FUHSO Recruitment | Federal University of Health Technology Otukpo, Benue State is currently accepting applications for its recruitment program; Candidates who are qualified and interested about working for FUHSO are urged to apply through the official application portal.

FUHSO Recruitment

The FUHSO Recruitment

Applications are now being accepted through the FUHSO Recruitment Portal. The organization encourages everyone who is capable and interested about working for FUHSO to submit an application.

The Federal University of Health Sciences, Otukpo is a top-tier, specialized university that will educate and produce skilled medical professionals who will help Nigeria’s health sector develop. The university will also be furnished with cutting-edge tools for both research and instruction. The Federal Government will establish it as the first of its kind after discovering that there are far too few medical experts in the nation compared to the population. Based on the universities that provide medicine in Nigeria, it has been calculated that it will take the country 120 years to create the number of doctors needed to meet the demands of the country.


FUHSO Recruitment Portal

The Recruitment Portal for the Federal University of Health Sciences Otukpo (FUHSO) is open. The Federal University of Health Sciences Otukpo (FUHSO) Recruitment Portal is where you complete all registration steps.

FUHSO  Recruitment Available Position

Several positions available for Academic and Non-Academic

FUHSO Recruitment Qualifications

Candidates must hold the required academic credentials and be temporarily registered with the regulatory organizations.

Candidates seeking specializations must also hold a Primary Fellowship Certificate in the selected field of study in addition to an MBBS degree from an institution recognized by the MDCN.

Candidates must either have an Exemption letter or have successfully completed the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), whichever is appropriate.

Salary for FUHSO Recruitment

The Federal Tertiary Education and Medical Sector of the Federation also applies to this.

How to Apply for FUHSO Recruitment

Keenly Qualified applicant can Visit the official Portal via https://www.fuhso.edu.ng/about-fuhso Or you can APPLY HERE to start the process.

FUHSO Recruitment Innovation

We offer the most recent news regarding the Federal University of Health Sciences Otukpo, thus we recommend you to frequently check this portal for updates. Stay informed by frequently visiting the website.

As employment offers are only made on the basis of merit, bribery and other forms of payment should not be offered in exchange for employment. Watch out for fraud.

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