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Germany Student Visa Procedures – Germany is one of the best destination to study abroad, this post will educate you on Germany Student Visa, Types, Cost, Documents needed, how to apply and many more.

The Germany Student Visa Procedures

If you intend to study in Germany for more than 90 days, a residence visa is required. The immigration officer will require proof that you have enough money to last for a year. The amount, which would be maintained in a Blocked Account, is anticipated to be €861 per month or €10,332 annually. The maximum validity of a student’s residency permit is two years. If the course lasts longer than the specified two years, it must be renewed.


Types of Educational Activities Visas in Germany – Germany Student Visa Procedures

    Language Course Visa (Visa for Language Learning) – for educational activities lasting from 3 months up to 1 year to participate in short German language courses.

    Student Applicant Visa (Visum Zur Studienbewerbung) – if you want to study in Germany, but are still trying to find the right program or you still haven’t got the confirmation letter from your University

    Student Visa (Visum Zu Studienzwecken) – if you have already been accepted to a German university.

Germany Student Visa for Dependents

Your spouse and children may reside with you while you study in Germany, but only under specific circumstances. These requirements include having sufficient financial means and living quarters. The German embassy treats each case separately, so if you can effectively explain your situation to them, you can be given special attention.

A student may work 90 full days or 180 partial days throughout an academic year in compliance with German visa restrictions. Germany is the only nation right now where a student can work part-time in a technical position in a related industry. Another form of part-time employment offered by several universities is hiwi jobs. Students must talk with the institute’s student placement office in order to obtain this position.

German Visa Types for Study Purposes – Germany Student Visa Procedures

Whenever you want to travel to Germany for study purposes, you have to apply for the appropriate German Visa, related to the purpose of your travel.

How to Apply for a Germany Study Visa

The place where you should apply for your visa is the German Embassy or Consulate in your country.

  • As soon as you have received the admission letter from your German university, please prepare the necessary documentation for your visa application.
  • Procure photos that meet biometric photos requirements as specified on the official website.
  • Fill out the Application form for National Visa. Print it out, sign it, and submit it along with the other documents.
  • Please print out the Declaration on true and complete information also found on the official website, and sign it.
  • Schedule an appointment for your visa interview at the German Mission.
  • Shortly before your appointment, verify the current exchange rate for your visa fee on the official German Mission website and obtain the Demand Draft.
  • First, you need to schedule an appointment for a visa interview. You should offer your visa application documents on the day of the interview.
  • Additionally, you will need to respond to the interview questions that the consular officer prepares to examine you closely as a potential visa candidate.

Book for Visa Interview Soon Enough – Germany Student Visa Procedures

You must first schedule a visa appointment at the German Embassy or Consulate in your nation in order to apply for a student Schengen visa!

In order to schedule an appointment and check for available dates, visit the website of the German Embassy or Consulate in your country. Soon after, you’ll be able to schedule your departure time.

Visa Interview – Germany Student Visa Procedures

A visa interview is a moment where you meet with the consular officer directly as a visa applicant. At the same time, you need to present all the visa required documents, as your consular officer asks for them in an orderly. During a visa appointment, the officer also makes you question about the application, as well as personal ones which you have to answer carefully and truthfully.

Registration at the Resident’s Registration Office

    Foreigners who seek to remain in Germany for more than 2 MONTHS must get the Confirmation on Registration “Meldebestätigung”. To get such a confirmation a foreigner must apply at the local Resident’s Registration Office or “Einwohnermeldeamt”.

    Foreigners who seek to remain in Germany for more than 90 DAYS or 3 MONTHS need to possess the proper residence title. In our case a Residence Permit “Aufenthaltsgenehmigung” is the appropriate title, intended for study purposes. A residence permit will be issued only upon the application of the visa holder at the Alien Registration Office  “Ausländerbehörde“ in the city where your university is located.

Learn more under Registration at the Resident’s Registration Office for Study Purposes

Things To Know as a German Visa applicant and/or Holder

  • Additional documents can be required by the visa officer upon the visa interview
  • Appear in person in the visa interview
  • Be cautious about your passport validity- it needs to be valid for your entire period of stay, including the expected extended period
  • Bear in mind that an incomplete visa application can be refused
  • Do not stick your photographs in the visa application form
  • Don’t take anyone with you to the Embassy or Consulate during a visa interview
  • Every applicant is authorised to take legal actions against the embassy or consulate decision on her/his visa application
  • Getting your Visa For Study Purposes is important, instead of a Tourist Visa -because it gives you the opportunity to get a residence permit once in Germany REMEMBER that a Tourist Visa cannot be extended further while in Germany, in case you need to stay longer!
  • If the applicant is considered to represent a risk for the security and public order of the Schengen Area the visa will be rejected
  • In case of visa rejection, the applicant gets informed about the main reason for a rejection
  • Make sure for your trip to Germany to be scheduled early enough so you will have the needed time in a disposition to enrol in university
  • Original documents can be required upon arrival at the airport
  • Germany study visa is not automatically given – so you have to wait for up to 4 MONTHS to get a response from the Embassy or Consulate and there is no guarantee you will be granted a visa
  • The application form can be downloaded freely on the website of the Embassy or Consulate in your country
  • The passport remains at the Embassy / Consulate during the entire process of visa proceeding
  • Visa appointments should be made only through the online system (not by phone, e-mail, fax or in-person)
  • Visa Fee will not be reimbursed in case of visa refusal

CLICK HERE to Check German Embassy in Your Country

Germany Student Visa Fee – Germany Student Visa Procedures

The fee for a German student visa application is 75, – EUR. and it May Vary from one Country to another.

Student applicants have to pay the visa fees by bank transfer. Cheques or credit cards are not accepted. The money order must be in the name of the Embassy/Consulate in your home country and not older than two months.

Please be aware that you will not get reimbursed the visa fee if your application for a student visa gets rejected.

To Highly Increase Your Chances of Getting Your German Student Visa, You Should Use a Blocked Account as Proof of Financial Resources.

How long does it take for a Germany students Visa to process?

A long-stay student visa for Germany may require processing for 6–12 weeks after the application deadline. While Germany’s diplomatic posts abroad often make decisions about short-term study visas within 15 to 30 days.

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