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Is Cooking Gas on Generator safe? | Are you scared of using LPG alternative for your gen set powering? This post will highlight some grey areas. Relax and digest.

Is Cooking Gas on Generator safe?

LPG from NLNG is a versatile fuel that can be used in a wide range of industries. Autogas or auto propane are common names for LPG when it is used to power internal combustion engines. It has been utilized as a petrol substitute for spark ignition engines in several nations since the 1940s. In some nations, the liquid has additives that prolong engine life, and the butane to propane ratio is carefully controlled in LPG fuel. Recent studies looked into LPG-fuel-oil fuel blends and discovered, so LPG is seen as a safe and cleaner fuel alternative to petrol for powering generators.


NLPGA’s President Message on Cooking Gas on Generator Safety

Here are some of the most important lessons learned from the conversation with Felix Ekundayo, who serves as the NLPGA’s president.

  • LPG can be used to power generators instead of gasoline because it is safer and cleaner. He stressed how safe it is to use LPG for generators and urged Nigerians to think about it as a possible substitute.
  • The perceived risks of utilizing LPG for generators are more closely tied to how the fuel is handled than to the fuel itself. Safe consumption is ensured by proper handling, much like when LPG is used for cooking. Additionally, he emphasized the significance of hiring competent technicians for generator conversions and modifications.
  • Despite having potential safety benefits, compressed natural gas (CNG) cannot be used for residential and small portable generators due to infrastructure restrictions. LPG is a better option for these purposes because it has a proven distribution network and is widely accessible.

Is Cooking Gas on Generator safe?

  • Use of the proper accessories, such as regulators, hoses, valves, cylinders, and clips, is necessary to prevent gas leaks. Hoses need to be checked frequently and replaced every two to three years. Gas should be used in generators and other appliances with the same safety precautions as when cooking at home.
  • To ensure safety, gas cylinders/canisters should be replaced every 15 years and recertified every 5 years.

Since 1940 LPG has been alternative means to power combustion engine or gen set, so it’s not a new thing, although it may be new in Nigeria today because of PMS subsidy removal. Let diversify and move on, we must definitely survive.

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