Luxembourg Student Visa Application Process

Luxembourg Student Visa Application | Are you a student and willing to study in Luxembourg?  if yes then you are at the right spot: This post will provide info on Types of Student Visa, the Cost, paper work needed and the application process.

Luxembourg Student Visa Application


The Luxembourg Student Visa Application

Luxembourg Student Visa Application – The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a tiny country surrounded by the countries of Belgium, France, and Germany. A significant section of it is made up of rolling hills and forests. Three higher education institutes that only offer English-language courses have been operating in Wiltz, the northern Luxembourg, since 2012. Private, nonprofit institutions that provide bachelor’s, master’s, and doctor of business administration degrees are located in the Wiltz castle.

A permit, known as a VISA, must be obtained from the Embassy in order to study in Luxembourg. Before starting your application, this post will give you all the information you require. You must also check with the Luxembourg Embassy in your place of residence. This post will answer any of your questions on obtaining a student visa for Luxembourg.Unwind and consider this post.

Luxembourg Student Visa Application Requirements

Requirement for Student Visa varies from Nation to Nation; students who wish to study in Luxembourg must meet different visa criteria. Choose your nation from the list below to learn about the pertinent laws and to locate the embassies and consulates there.

Check Luxembourg Embassies in Your Country HERE

Typical Luxembourg Student Visa Application Requirement

  • Photocopies of your passport, which has to be valid for at least 6 months. Filled-in Visa Application form.
  • 2 passport size photographs Unconditional Admission Letter from the University. Letter from the university confirming or acknowledging receipt of payment.
  • Copies of High School, college and university certificates.
  • Guarantee letter signed by the sponsor and the student, stating that the sponsor will cover all the expenses of the student, and the student will never apply to any person or institution (including university) for financial support or scholarship, certified by a public notary.
  • Officially approved bank statement for the last 3 months
  • Consent letter from the parents if you are less than 18 years old. (Sealed by notary or court.)
  • Flight reservation.
  • Sponsor’s ID, photocopy of sponsor’s National ID Card or International Passport or Driver’s License.
  • “Vaccination Card” for yellow fever and typhoid diseases.

It is crucial to confirm the necessary visa and immigration rules that are particular to your home country. Before applying for a visa at the Luxembourg Embassy or Consulate in your home country, make sure you have met the prerequisites for visa approval. The following criteria must be met by students from non-EU/EEA nations in order to be granted a student visa to Luxembourg.

  •     Acceptance Letter from a university or higher education institution in Luxembourg.
  •     Tuition fee receipt for the program enrolled.
  •     International passport or travel document valid for at least 6 months
  •     Proof of funds in the form of bank statements that cover academic and living expenses during studies.
  •     Completed visa application form.
  •     Health insurance document.
  •     Travel itinerary with a return ticket showing the date the student intends to leave the country after completing their program.

Luxembourg Student Visa Language requirements

It’s important to remember that Luxembourg is a bilingual nation and that different languages are taught for various university degrees as a result. Students must therefore provide proof of their language proficiency. English, French, and German are some of the languages that are taught in Luxembourg the most frequently.

The process for obtaining a student visa, which enables successful applicants to enter the country to continue their studies, usually takes between three and six weeks, depending on a number of factors. As soon as they arrive, all international students must get a residence permit at the local immigration office.

Document Needed for Luxembourg Student Visa

The highlighted document is vital for Visa applications. Applicant must make their document available for sighting.

1. Proof of enrollment as a full time student in one of Luxembourg’s institutions for higher education

2. Proof of full payment of tuition fee for the course

3. A passport issued by another country with a validity period that is at least six months longer than the duration of the visa you are asking for.

4. An application form which you filled and signed correctly.

5. You need to show evidence of your financial capability. so that you may financially sustain yourself while you’re studying in Luxembourg and to pay for your return transportation.

6. Original copy of the ‘temporary authorization to stay’. This is a letter the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Luxembourg.

7. Insurance for health and accident covering the total number of days you will be staying in Luxembourg as a student. The insurance must be valid for all Schengen countries.

8. You intend to leave Luxembourg at the end of your study.

How To Apply For Luxembourg student visa

If an international student intends to enroll in a study program in Luxembourg for a period of time longer than 90 days, they must get a student visa. Students whose higher education institution grants admission to Luxembourg will receive a long-term visa from the embassy. Anyone traveling for academic purposes, doctoral study, or research is eligible for a student visa.

Any institution in Luxembourg to which you wish to apply for admission must first receive your application. After the institution extends an acceptance offer, you must gather the documents I’ll list below before going to the embassy to start the visa processing for your study in Luxembourg.

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