EXPO: NECO CRS-CRK Questions and Answers Now Available 2023/2024 – Theory and Objective (OBJ).

NECO CRS-CRK Questions and Answers(Christian Religious Studies): The NECO 2023 CRS expo question(Theory and Obj.) and answer is free for every candidates writing this year exams. Are among those writing 2023 NECO Examination? Do expect free answer here.

NECO CRS-CRK Questions and Answers

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OBJ Answer 2023 NECO Christian Religious Studies (Objective & Essay)

NECO CRS answers



In St. Paul’s epistle to the Romans, he admonished Christians to be law-abiding. Every authority on earth belongs to God. No government on earth ever existed, without the knowledge of God. If this is the case, to resist the government amounts to resisting God and such resistance may attracts the wrath or judgment of God.

St. Paul said rulers are not a terror to good conduct but to bad conduct. People should, therefore, not fear those in authority, provided they do what is good. For conscience purposes, people should be subject to those in authority.. St Paul expects Christians not only to be law- abiding but also do that which is expected of them at the right time and at the right place



(i) *Cultural Relevance and Engagement:* Christian leaders face the challenge of remaining culturally relevant and engaging younger generations while addressing contemporary social issues in a way that aligns with their faith.

(ii) *Doctrinal Differences and Denominational Divides:* The diversity of doctrinal interpretations and denominational divides within Christianity can lead to theological disagreements and hinder collaborative efforts among Christian leaders.

(iii) *Ethical and Moral Dilemmas:* Navigating complex ethical and moral dilemmas, such as issues related to gender, sexuality, and medical advancements, while upholding traditional Christian values poses a significant challenge for Christian leaders.

(iv) *Decline in Religious Participation:** Christian leaders must grapple with the declining attendance and participation in religious activities, as well as the rise of secularism and alternative spiritual practices that impact the vitality of congregations and communities.


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