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NECO Government Questions and Answers

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Government answers Thursday, 13th July.

Government (Objective & Essay)

Number 1


State may be defined  as a politically organised body of people inhabiting a defined geographical entity with an organized legitimate give legitimate government. The state in this respect is entirely free from external control.


State refers to a political entity or a political organization that possesses sovereign authority over a defined territory and its population. It is a central institution that exercises control and governance within its borders.


(i)Sovereignty: This attribute signifies the state’s ultimate authority and independence within its territorial boundaries. A sovereign state has the power to govern itself without interference from external actors.

(ii)Territory: A state has defined geographical borders that determine its territory. This attribute includes land, water bodies, and airspace over which the state exercises control.
Population: A state consists of a group of people who live within its borders and are subject to its authority.

(iii)Government: A state has a system of governance that establishes the rules, institutions, and processes through which decisions are made and implemented. This attribute includes the executive, legislative, and judicial branches responsible for the administration of the state.

(iv)Law and Order: A state maintains law and order within its territory through the establishment of legal frameworks and enforcement agencies. This attribute ensures the protection of rights, the resolution of disputes, and the maintenance of social order.

(v)Diplomacy: States engage in diplomatic relations with other states, which involves negotiating agreements, participating in international organizations, and representing their interests on the global stage.

(vi)National Identity: States often possess a distinct national identity characterized by shared values, traditions, history, and symbols. This attribute contributes to a sense of belonging and loyalty among its citizens.

(vii)Economic System: States have different economic systems that define how resources are allocated, production is organized, and wealth is distributed. These systems can range from market-oriented capitalism to state-controlled socialism.

(viii)Defense and Security: States are responsible for safeguarding their territories and citizens from external threats. This attribute includes maintaining armed forces, conducting national security policies, and participating in collective defense alliances.

Number 2

(a)Party ideology:Party ideology is the set of values and principles that guide the party’s policies and positions on various issues. For example, some parties are more liberal, while others are more conservative. This can influence voters’ support for the party.

(b)Party leadership:This factor refers to the leaders of the party, such as the party’s leader or candidate for election. These individuals can have a significant impact on the party’s image and appeal to voters. For example, a charismatic leader can attract more supporters to the party.

(c)Party message and campaign:This refers to the way the party communicates its ideology and policies to voters. A well-crafted and persuasive message can attract more support for the party.

(d)Party Organization:This refers to the structure and resources of the party, such as the party’s fundraising, membership, and grassroots support. A well-organized party can run a more effective campaign and mobilize more voters.

(e) Popularity of the incumbent government:This factor refers to how satisfied or dissatisfied voters are with the current government. If the incumbent government is unpopular, voters may be more likely to support the opposition party.

Number 5

(i) DICTATORSHIP: Military rule give rise to dictatorship because of excess power wield by military governors or heads of state. Military dictatorship involves one man dictating what happens to everyone understands his rule, due to excess power being wielded by then head of state or military governor.
(ii) SUSPENSION OF THE CONSTITUTION: Military government rules by decrees instead of following the constitutional order. Meanwhile, military administration is characterized by absence of rule of law, equality before the law and fundamental human rights.

(iii) COUPS AND COUNTER COUPS: Coup simply means the overthrow of incumbent government by the military. Military rule is contagious in nature. This is because if colonels in one country stage a coup in order to seize political power, colonels in another country may be aspired also to carry out their own coups.

(iv) ABSENCE OF ELECTION: In military administration the officials are not elected as in the democratic system of government. Therefore, they are not elected as such and are not representative of the people.

v) TRIAL OF CIVILIAN OFFICIALS: When army comes into power through military coup d’état, one of its duties is to try the former politicians or former leaders especially the corrupt government officials. The aim of these trials is for the military to recover every looted fund from corrupt politicians.

(vi) ABUSE OF HUMAN RIGHT: The abuse of human natural right is common with military regime. Brutality, torture and abuse of rights are one of the characteristics of military rule. The army is known by use of force and operations obey the last order, to handle the civilian population.


9 a Define Federalism

b. Advance five importance of state creation to federalism

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