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NECO Islamic Studies Questions and Answers

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Islamic Studies (Objective & Essay)
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i) Trade Networks: The extensive trade networks across the region played a significant role in the spread of Islam. Muslim traders from North Africa and the Middle East traveled to West Africa, exchanging goods and ideas. Through these interactions, Islam gradually gained acceptance and influenced the local populations.

ii) Sufi Orders: Sufi missionaries and scholars from North Africa established Sufi orders in West Africa. These orders emphasized the spiritual aspects of Islam and provided a more accessible and inclusive form of the religion. Their teachings and practices resonated with the local populations, leading to the conversion of many to Islam.

iii) Royal Patronage: The conversion of influential rulers and elites to Islam greatly facilitated its spread. When rulers embraced Islam, it often led to the conversion of their subjects as well. Islam, with its monotheistic beliefs and moral code, provided a sense of legitimacy and stability for rulers, further encouraging its acceptance among the population.


i) Architecture: Islamic architecture, with its distinctive such as domes, arches, and minarets, became prominent in West African cities. Cities like Timbuktu and Djenne in Mali showcase magnificent mosques and Islamic-inspired structures.

ii) Education and Scholarship: Islamic education and scholarship become highly valued in West Africa. Islamic schools, known as madrasas, were established where students learned Arabic, Quranic recitation, Islamic law, and other religious studies.

iii) Legal and Social Systems: Islamic legal principles, such as Sharia law, influenced the legal and social systems in West Africa. Islamic legal concepts regarding marriage, inheritance, and dispute resolution were adopted and incorporated into local customs.

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OBJ Answer 2023 NECO Islamic Studies (Objective & Essay).


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