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NECO Literature Questions and Answers

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Literature in English Friday, 27th July.

Literature in English (Drama & Poetry)
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*John Kargbo: Let Me Die Alone:*

(I) Queen Yoko is a significant character in the play “Let Me Die Alone.” She plays the role of the queen consort, wife of the king, and holds a position of power and influence within the African community portrayed in the play. Queen Yoko embodies the traditional values, customs, and beliefs of the community. She represents the matriarchal authority and is responsible for maintaining the cultural heritage and stability of the society.

Queen Yoko is portrayed as a strong and authoritative figure who exercises control over the affairs of the community. She commands respect and holds significant influence over the decision-making processes. Her character reflects the resilience and determination of African women in the face of adversity.

Furthermore, Queen Yoko serves as a symbol of unity and preservation of the African cultural identity. She upholds the traditional rituals and ceremonies, ensuring that they are passed down from one generation to another. Her character highlights the importance of heritage and the role of women in sustaining cultural values.

(2) The theme of colonial oppression is explored in “Let Me Die Alone” through various textual illustrations. The play depicts the struggles and challenges faced by the African community under colonial rule. It highlights the disruptive impact of colonization on African societies, cultures, and traditions.

One illustration of colonial oppression is the loss of autonomy and self-governance. The African community in the play is subjected to the rule of colonial authorities, which results in the erosion of their political and social independence. The colonizers impose their laws, values, and institutions, suppressing the indigenous culture and identity.

Another illustration is the exploitation of African resources and labor by the colonizers. The play portrays the economic exploitation and unequal exchange that occurs under colon.


In Wole Soyinka’s play “The Lion and the Jewel,” the theme of youth and old age is intricately woven throughout the narrative. The playwright deftly portrays the tension, conflicts, and misunderstandings that arise when the exuberance of youth clashes with the wisdom of experience. On one hand, Lakunle represents the youth’s excitement for modernity and innovation, and he espouses ideas that clash with the traditions and rituals of his village. He dreams of progress and development, but he lacks the essential wisdom that comes with age and experience. On the other hand, Baroka, the aging village chief, is a model of traditional values and culture. He is wise, prudent, and holds on to the village customs. The differences between these two characters are used to portray the generational struggle between youth and old age. In the end, it takes the acknowledgement of both perspectives for true progress to be made.




In “The Lion and the Jewel,” Wole Soyinka explores the tradition of bride price and its significance within the Yoruba culture in Nigeria. The play delves into the conflict between modernity and tradition, highlight.

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