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Public Service Salary Structure | This post will reveal acronym and differs Nigeria government salary structure like CONTISS, CONUASS, CONRAISS, CONTOPSAL, CONPSS, CONMESS, CONHESS,CONJUSS, CONPASS.

Public Service Salary Structure

About Public Service Salary Structure

The Nigerian Public Service via the IPPIS has a variable pay structure based on the role and level of the employee. The Consolidated Public Service Salary Structure serves as the foundation for the structure.


List of Public Service Salary Structure

CONTOPSAL Consolidated Top Federal Public Office Holders

This is referred to as CONTOPSAL. The highest-ranking employees of the federal civil service and various State-level civil services are paid according to this compensation structure. The 2007 implementation of this pay scale is still in effect today.

CONJUSS Consolidated Judicial Salary StructurePublic Service Salary Structure

 Another pay system utilized in the government is CONJUSS. The Federal Government of Nigeria pays its judges in accordance with this remuneration structure.

CONMESS Consolidated Medical Salary StructurePublic Service Salary Structure

This is known as CONMESS. Every medical professional engaged by the public sector, especially those who work for the Federal Government of Nigeria, receives their monthly compensation in accordance with this salary scale.

CONHESS Consolidated Health Salary Structure

This is known as CONHESS. This wage variable was developed to take into consideration the numerous non-medical doctor health workers employed around the country and their monthly salaries. If you are hired by the government and work in the health sector, CONHESS will be utilized to pay your salary each month.

CONRAISS Consolidated Research and Associated Institutions Salary Structure

This is known as CONRAISS. It was formally adopted in 2010. Under this compensation plan, all federal civil service employees who work in training, research, and associated institutions are compensated on a monthly basis.

CONUASS Consolidated University Academic Structure

The remuneration scale for all academic staff members employed at universities in Nigeria that are owned and run by the Federal Government of Nigeria, or CONUASS, was implemented in 2010.

CONTISS II Consolidated Tertiary Institutions Salary Structure II

This is known as CONTISS II. This compensation structure is used by federal institutions all around the country to pay their non-academic staff personnel. The CONTISS II compensation scale, which was amended in 2009 and is still in use today, replaced the CONTISS I salary scale, which was created in 2007 but later abandoned.

CONAFSS Consolidated Armed Forces Salary Structure

This is the abbreviation for CONAFSS. This pay scale assists in determining the military personnel’s monthly remuneration. At the time of writing, it was still in use after its adoption in 2007.

CONPASS Consolidated Paramilitary Salary StructurePublic Service Salary Structure

 This salary scale is used to determine the monthly compensation for all paramilitary security organizations in the country, including the Nigerian Police Force and the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps. The CONPASS was adopted in 2007 and is still in widespread usage as of 2023.

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