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Spain Student Visa Requirements| Are you interested in studying in spain, this post will unveil types of student Visas, Cost of Student Visa, required document for Student Visa and application procedure for more details read further.

Spain Student Visa Requirements
Spanish Visas recipients

Information on Spain Student Visa Requirements

Visa’s gives free entry into a sovereign State without restriction, a student who wish to access Spanish Nation are expected to secured Visa’s in the Spanish Embassy in their home country before flight booking for departure as it is a requirement.

Such individual or person requires a type D student visa and student residence card otherwise known as (TIE – Tarjeta de identidad de extranjero) if you’re studying in Spain for longer than six months and you’re from outside the EU, EEA, or Switzerland.

The fee for applying for a student visa to Spain is €60 and is subject to change and varies from Nation to Nation.

Students from the EU, EEA, and Switzerland will still need to register at an immigration office when they arrive in Spain to receive an NIE (identity number for foreigners).


Spain Student Visa Fees

When you submit your application for a student visa to Spainish Embassy, the applicant is required to pay a fee. The fee is required to cover the expenses during the processing period. Payment varies from Country to Country, as shown below:

  • USA citizens will need to pay a fee of €141 to get a Student Visa for Spain.
  • Canadian citizens have to pay a fee of €83
  • Applicants of other nationalities have to pay a fee of only €80.

Procedure on Spain Student Visa Requirements

  • Accept an offer: After securing tertiary education admission from any Spanish institution and have accepted an offer from a university you can now go to a Spanish consulate or embassy in your home country to apply for a visa.
  • Spanish Embassies Worldwide can be reached and you have to apply in person for a Spanish visa, and depending on the embassy you may need to schedule an appointment. Ask which documents you will need for your application so you are prepared.
  • Documents Submission: Ensure you carried along with you the needed documents to the embassy/consulate for the visa application.
  • Get a decision: A waiting period is between weeks to a month before decision on Issuance is known on your student visa.
  • Register with immigration: Your local Oficina de Extranjeros or police station is where you must go within 30 days of your arrival in the EU to apply for a Spanish Student Residence Card for Foreigners (TIE) and obtain an NIE number. Each academic year, this will need to be renewed. Your academic standing may have an impact on whether your TIE is renewed.

Spain Student Visa Requirements – Type D

Requirement varies from Nations to Nation, so based on your home country, you may need to supply the following for your student visa and residency card:

  1. A valid passport to be current throughout the whole time of your stay in Spain
  2. Letter of acceptance from the university
  3. A copy of all the passport’s pages
  4. A recent passport style color photo
  5. Confirmation of school/university registration issued by the academic institution in Spain
  6. Proof of health insurance
  7. Proof of accommodation
  8. Proof of your financial situation — bank statements and any scholarship details if necessary
  9. A medical certificate issued by a doctor
  10. A negative criminal record check from the countries you have lived in for the past five years

Spain Student Visa Requirements for Dependents

Spanish authority can authorized spouse, children under the age of 18 to join a student who intend to stay for over six months provided he can provide proof of sufficient fund to cater for them.

They need to register at the local Oficina de Extranjeros for their TIE, and are not automatically eligible to work in Spain.

Spain Student Visa Processing Time

The application processing time varies due to backlog of jobs but typically it can take from 15 working days to a Month after submission of required document. It may take as little as 15 days to respond, but during busy times it sometimes takes three months. It is advisable to submit it early to avoid  delay.

Working with Spain Student Visa

There is no need for a work permit in Spain for students from the EU or EEA as they part of the system.

Non EU/EEA are allowed to work up to 30 hours a week in Spain if you have the required documentation and it does not interfere with your studies. Additionally, keep in mind that employment cannot serve as your sole source of income while you are in Spain.

Before beginning to work, you must first obtain the appropriate permit from Spanish immigration officials. You can submit the application for this at an Oficina de Extranjeros, but you should first give them a call to ensure that you are familiar with the specific procedures and have all the required documentation. You should apply as soon as you can because it could take some time to receive your permit.

How to Apply for Spain Student Visa

The application is done via the Portal, interested applicant can CLICK HERE to start the Process

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